Joshua Wood Shortlisted for Astronomy Photography Award

New Zealander Joshua Wood has been shortlisted for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year award – the world’s biggest international astrophotography competition. The Guardian introduces the shortlisted photographers.

His shot Moon Rise Reflections is described as “unexpected shot of the moon rising over the glistening ocean off the Wairarapa coast, bearing a remarkable resemblance to the sun.”

“As the photographer was capturing the sunset over Castlepoint, he looked over his shoulder to see the moon rising behind, reflecting off the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean, and it became the new subject of his image,” as reported in the article.

Other photographers on the shortlist are:

  • Nicholas Roemmelt (Denmark) for Mr Big Dipper
  • Giorgia Hofer (Italy) for Super Moon
  • Ruslan Merzlyakov (Latvia) for The Road Back Home
  • Yulia Zhulikova (Russia) for Auroral Crown
  • Haitong Yu (China) for A Battle We Are Losing
  • Nicolas Alexander Otto (Germany) for Ignite the Lights
  • Agurtxane Concellon (Spain) for Aurora over Svea
  • Rob Bowes (UK) for Shooting Star and Jupiter
  • Beate Behnke (Germany) for Reflection
  • Tommy Eliassen (Norway) for The Blue Hour
  • Ainsley Bennett (UK) for Crescent Moon over the Needles
  • Brandon Yoshizawa (USA) for Fall Milk

Winners will be announced on 14 September and an exhibition of the winning images will be displayed in a free exhibition at the Royal Observatory Greenwich’s Astronomy Centre from 16 September, as reported in the article.

To read more about the shortlisted photographs please click here.

Article Source: The Guardian, Joanna Ruck, July 26, 2017

Image Source: The Guardian (Photo by Joshua Wood)

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