Jack Mclean to Exhibit at London’s FLUX Contemporary Art Exhibition

New Zealand artist Jack Mclean will be exhibiting his latest work at the FLUX Contemporary Art Exhibition at The Royal College of Art in London on December 11 – 14.

“I take inspiration from my homeland and add artificial adornment to natural pieces to create collusions of raw and embellished beauty”, writes Mclean on his website.

The artist’s “latest works are images of nature and cultural icons from New Zealand, which he enhances with colour to create a juxtaposition of ancient heritage and modern affectation.”

“I wanted to use images that people take for granted in my homeland and share them with the world. I created a medium that enhances images that are ingrained in the minds of New Zealanders since birth,” said Mclean.

Tickets for FLUX art Exhibition at The Royal College of Art can be booked via www.fluxexhibition.com.

Article Source: Jack Mclean

Image Source: Jack Mclean

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