Ivana Kostovich Wanders the World in Two

New Zealander Ivana Kostovich, 31, and Scottish fiancée Jamie Craig, 31, hope their adventures around the globe will inspire others to do the same. They’ve launched a blog called Wander In Two to document their adventures and share information and experiences.

Kostovich and Craig put the more traditional idea of buying a home and having a family together on hold and left their jobs to travel the globe together.

The couple shunned the lifestyle of designer clothes and fancy cars to put experiences before possessions.

Kostovich says: “Packing my life into a 30kg suitcase taught me a lot about material things I thought I needed that I didn’t.”

The couple realise they’re going in a different direction to the route their parents’ generation would have taken.

Craig says: “My parents have been completely encouraging and supportive. I think there was so much more pressure on them to get married and have children while still being children themselves.”

Kostovich, who travelled to 30 countries before she turned 30, feels the world has become more open and interconnected.

“I feel that things like travelling when you’re young has become a lot easier for our generation.”

Original article by Maria Croce, Daily Record, March 7, 2018.

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