Irish Take to the Edge

“It is the home of the All Blacks and Middle Earth, and it is increasingly home to a growing number of Irish migrants, seeking a fresh start in the southern hemisphere,” Keith Lynch writes for the Irish Times. “New Zealand may be more than 18,000km from Dublin, yet thousands of Irish people have made the isolated South Pacific country their home. It’s hardly a surprise. New Zealand and Ireland share the same language, possess a passion for sport and have similar social scenes. In February last year, secondary school teacher Rita Whyte, 23, from Dublin moved to Christchurch. ‘I think there are similar attitudes. It hasn’t been a big culture shock,’ Whyte says. ‘The weather is the big plus. It’s not as cold as at home and there’s a more laid-back lifestyle. It’s not as rushed as back home. And I was able to make friends very easily,’ she says.”

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