Hello Sailor Frontman Graham Brazier

Dave Dobbyn is one of a number of local artists who have paid tribute to Hello Sailor frontman Graham Brazier (pictured centre), who has died in Auckland aged 63.

Dobbyn described Brazier as the consummate performer, a fantastic raconteur and a good mate.

“I would have liked to have thought that we could have played together again or record together or something, Graham was always a great presence,” Dobbyn told 3 News.

“If anyone wants to look through the catalogue, there’s a giant footprint there and it’s Hello Sailor, Graham was a figurehead for that.”

Formed in 1975, Hello Sailor was once one of New Zealand’s top bands, best known for the hit Blue Lady, which along with Brazier’s solo hit Billy Bold, were voted into the top 100 New Zealand songs of all time by APRA members in 2001.

Gutter Black went on to become the theme tune to drama series Outrageous Fortune.

Former manager David Gapes was quoted by Stuff news portal as saying: “He was a star, he could sing like angel. He was a poet so he could write.

“He had that bad boy quality. He was a constant source amusement, excitement and astonishment.”

Frontman of the Dance Exponents, Jordan Luck, first met Brazier when opening for his band The Legionnaires and told Stuff he credits Brazier with facilitating the success of his own band.

“Graham was instrumental in helping the band. We ended up being one side of Live at Mainstreet, The Legionnaires were on the other, and our audience grew exponentially. All of a sudden we were reaching 1000s overnight,” Luck said.

Original article by BBC, September 4, 2015.

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