Centenary Spread

Marmite is celebrating its 1th year in New Zealand with a competition for New Zealanders living overseas to win one of 1 one-way flights home from anywhere in the world this December. Hayley Findlay, Marmite’s brand manager at the Sanitarium Health Food Company, Marmite’s New Zealand manufacturer, said: “There are over 6, Kiwis living somewhere other than New Zealand, and we know that in terms of the things they miss most about home, Marmite is usually near the top of their list. One hundred years is a great milestone for a New Zealand brand. We’re looking forward to a patriotic response.” Marmite was invented in Staffordshire, England in 192, and was exported to New Zealand for over thirty years before New Zealand’s Sanitarium Health Food Company developed its own version of the product.

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