Appreciating the green

Second generation Zimbabwean immigrant Myfanwy van Hoffen describes her move to Auckland leaving behind her citizenship, her vote, her passport and her husband, “cancer taking its too-early toll” . “I landed in a clean, green island country which reminded me of England. I joined everything in which I had a remote interest. I learnt to walk into rooms full of strangers and make new acquaintances. Mostly I was accepted and appreciated the kindness and genuine concern of New Zealanders. They are the sort of people who will always cross the road to help you.” Upon receiving New Zealand citizenship van Hoffen said: “My feelings were overwhelmingly of relief and gratitude that this little country had provided me with a new beginning. Having had my Zimbabwean citizenship taken away from me (because my father was born in Britain) – courtesy of Zimbabwe’s president – I was more than a little moved to have a country to which I now belonged and a nationality that would not be taken away from me. In short I had a new home. I am a Kiwi and inordinately proud of that.”

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