Air NZ Invites James Corden to Host Cockpit Karaoke

Air New Zealand has invited Carpool Karaoke host James Corden for a round of cockpit karaoke with “a genuinely funny pitch,” as reported in Travel+Leisure.

“Hey James Corden, we’ve got a pitch for you (lol). From your pals in New Zealand. Formal invite below. Let us know. ‪#‎CockpitKaraoke ‪#‎ViewsViewsViews,” the airline posted on Facebook.

James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” on The Late, Late Show has featured celebrities like Adele, Gwen Stefani, George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber.

“Earlier this month, Corden apologised after calling New Zealand “a little bit boring” and declared that he was “in love” with the country,” as reported in the NZ Herald.

Article Source: Travel + Leisure, Erika Owen, August 17, 2016

Image Source: Twitter –Erika Rae Owen

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