A Celebration of Hawke’s Bay’s History of Winemaking

‘Wine: Stories from Hawke’s Bay’ – a history and celebration of the internationally acclaimed Hawke’s Bay wine industry will be published on November 1 by BayBuzz Ltd.

The book that is 100% kiwi made tells the story of Hawke’s Bays wine industry starting in the 1800s in a “highly engaging story-telling style with heaps of archival images and contemporary photography”, according to the website.

Napier-born writer Mark Sweet “sets out the evolution from Hawke’s Bay’s first vines into today’s multi-million dollar industry”.

A mix of evocative archival images and original photography shot by Tim Whittaker accompany the interesting stories and personal anecdotes of the region’s wine history.

Peter Cowley, who has worked with Te Mata Estate winery since 1984, describes Hawke’s Bays natural attributes for grape-growing and “explains the winemaking process in a major ‘soil to bottle’ feature”.

The book has received full support from the wine industry and WineWorks.

Article Source: Wine: Stories from Hawke’s Bay

Image Source: Wine: Stories from Hawke’s Bay

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