2-Metre Peter Poster Makes London Museum

Two years ago Christchurch medical radiation technologist Peter Dooley loaned his 2-metre body to a Covid-19 social-distancing campaign, Cecile Meier reports for Stuff. Now the posters – featuring him lying down or spreading his arms to show what 2 metres looks like – will feature at the world-renowned Science Museum in London.

Science Museum curators are researching stories and identifying objects to collect for its group collection, which will provide a permanent record of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact for future generations, Meier writes.

Selina Hurley, the museum’s curator of medicine, asked the Canterbury District Health Board whether the museum could feature its “Thinking metres? Think in Peters!” campaign in the collection.

“The team delightedly said yes,” a health board spokeswoman said.

Original article by Cecile Meier, Stuff, January 25, 2022.

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