18 Instagram Accounts for Everyone Who Loves New Zealand

New Zealand is known worldwide for its natural beauty and stunning beachscapes. Buzzfeed has published a list of 17 Instagram accounts, which “will give you an overwhelming desire to book a one-way plane ticket” to New Zealand.

The list involves many different photographers and their diverse Kiwi experiences.

  1. @Bare_Kiwi – “Will make you pack your suitcase immediately.”
  2. @backpackingmatt – An American’s South Island adventures.
  3. @bnw_newzealand – “Breathtaking and artistic photos” in black and white.
  4. @seandgi – Stunning photos of Wellington.
  5. @yestoadventure – A horse riding instructor’s Lord Of the Rings photos.
  6. @chelebanks – Effortless, everyday beauty of Wellington.
  7. @youngadventuress – An American’s New Zealand dream.
  8. @thelongsilence – New Zealand from completely new perspectives.
  9. @kieransteele – Stunning beachscapes and unique city portraits.
  10. @purenewzealand – The official NZ tourism account gives wanderlust.
  11. @wingsofafeather – An adventure blogger’s captivating photos.
  12. @ck_travelette – A German’s life in New Zealand.
  13. @jr.pics – Captures New Zealand’s “overwhelming beauty.”
  14. @theadventureiscalling – Impressive nature shots and adventure.
  15. @shaun_jeffers – “Rich and colourful photos of Auckland.”
  16. @watch_myback – Top of North island photographer share glorious photos.
  17. @ecowanakaadventures – Wanaka region “beauty and splendour.”


Article source: Buzzfeed, Jemima Skelley, May 10, 2015

Image: Wikipedia.org

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