Tickled: “Compelling, Enthralling and Very Entertaining”

A lot of people think of documentaries as “ultra somber, serious cinema exercises”, writes Jim Batts in a WeAreMovieGeeks review.  Tickled is different. It’s “entertaining, just as funny as many comedies” and at the same time as “gripping as any number of thrillers, filled with cloak and dagger operations with true threats and deception.”

“First time documentary feature film makers (David) Farrier and (Dylan) Reeve have concocted a compelling, enthralling, very entertaining motion picture,” writes Batts.

The twisted tale begins with a TV reporter in New Zealand, who stumbles upon a mysterious tickling competition online. Intrigued he contacts Jane O’Brien Media, the contact for the unusual “sport” they dubbed “Ultimate Tickling Endurance Competitions”.

When a female PR agent replies with threats of “legal action if this ‘pervert’ continued with his inquiries,” David is shocked. He joins forces with Dylan Reeve, a writer/film maker/computer expert, “and the two begin to unravel the tangled web surrounding this “sport”,” as reported in the article.

Farrier “never flaunts any moral superiority over his subject, just a healthy curiosity that brings the viewer “down the rabbit hole” along with him. But he and Reeve are not only excellent storytellers, they’re terrific hi-tech detectives busting through phony online accounts and IP addresses,” writes Batts.

“Farrier’s amiable “every-man” persona makes him a superb guide through this bizarre (to most) sub-culture.”

Article Source: WeAreMovieGeeks, Jim Batts, July 14, 2016

Image Source: Facebook – TickledMovie

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