Serene Spar

“If New Zealand were a boxer, it would be a contender for best pound-for-pound puncher on the planet,” according to The North American news site describes “New Zealand [as] one of those countries that packs an enormous amount into a relatively small package. It’s unpretentious, despite its wonderful portfolio of natural treasures that range from the semi-tropical tip of North Island to the British-like climes at the foot of South Island. The most challenging part of deciding to visit New Zealand is its isolation on a map, but if you make the long plane trip, you’ll find it is a huge bargain. It’s easy to overuse words like stunning and beautiful when talking of New Zealand, but the sheer variety of scenery packed into such a small space — by Canadian standards — makes that a forgivable sin. I can’t wait to take in South Island on my next visit and be even more amazed.”