New Zealand Sets 99% Connectivity Goal

By 2025 the New Zealand government is planning to connect 99% of its population to 50 Mbps broadband or better. The remaining 1% will be equipped with 10 Mbps broadband.

“Our use of, and reliance on, technology and broadband connectivity are increasing rapidly,” said Amy Adams, New Zealand communications minister.

“It’s vital that we set aspirational targets to ensure we keep up with this pace of change. This is about setting a vision of where we want New Zealand to be in 10 years.”

Rural communities would benefit the most of the policy as most households in rural areas currently are equipped with only 5 Mbps broadband.

“This change will see NZ move from 17th in the world for rural connectivity targets to 7th and ensure no-one misses out on the opportunities of the digital age”, said Adams in an official statement

“We want to see all Kiwis, whether urban or rural, with access to the economic and social opportunities high-speed connectivity brings.

Article Source: RCR Wireless, Joey Jackson, October 07, 2015.

Image Source: Pixabay

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