New Zealand One of the Best Countries to Retire

New Zealand has been named the tenth best country to retire in the 2015 Global Retirement Index.

According to the report retirees in New Zealand can enjoy relatively high levels of material wellbeing and can expect to live over 81 years partly due to high levels of funding and insurance coverage.

New Zealand also has low levels air pollution and a rich and diverse natural environment.

New Zealand and Australia are the two non-European countries to reach the top ten due to the countries’ savings schemes – Australia’s Superannuation Guarantee system and KiwiSaver.

Below the Top Ten of the Best Countries to Retire.

  1. Switzerland
  2. Norway
  3. Australia
  4. Iceland
  5. Netherlands
  6. Sweden
  7. Denmark
  8. Austria
  9. Germany
  10. New Zealand

Article Source: 2015 Global Retirement Index

Image Source: Wikipedia

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