New Zealand Launches Currency Notes

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has launched new banknotes with new security features, which will go into circulation later this year.

“The polymer notes are striking in their design and innovative in their security with the transparent holographic window and colour-changing bird a world first,” said Graeme Wheeler, Reserve Bank Governor.

“Over time banknotes become easier to counterfeit. Technology sort of evolves and these days you can actually in a sense put a banknote in a scanner,” said Geoff Bascand, Deputy Governor.

“The security features include the holographic window, a colour-changing bird, a puzzle number and raised ink.”

$5 and $10 dollar notes will be circulated in October, 20, 50, and 100 New Zealand dollar banknotes will be released from April 2016.

Article Source: Business Standard, September 01, 2015

Image Source: Twitter – One News

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