Mesmerising Drone Footage of New Zealand Sheep

An aerial photographer and qualified pilot has captured some truly mesmerising footage of hundreds of sheep being herded in New Zealand as reported in The Daily Mail.

The video shows hordes of sheep stampeding their way across fields while being rounded up by a pack of diligent dogs. The video portrays the vast herd like swirling clouds moving in the wind.

“I love looking down and seeing what’s happening from above. It was beautiful countryside and amazing lighting. The mob sizes were huge, showing some great patterns and shapes,” said Tim Whittaker, who captured the footage.

And it is interesting to see the exact moment in which some of the sheep at the front will begin heading in the right direction and influence the other members of the herd to follow suit.

Mid-video a bottle neck occurs at the gate as the animals crowd through the small gap in great numbers. That creates an almost hourglass image as the herd begins to spread out once they are through and make the most of the space in the new field.

Article Source: Daily Mail, Jake Polden, February 11, 2016

Image Source: Youtube

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