“Made with Care” showcases New Zealand’s food and beverage on world stage

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) has launched a new campaign to promote New Zealand’s world-leading food and beverage overseas. The campaign comes at a time when borders are closed and as a result, many people overseas with a desire to experience New Zealand may only be able to do so with their taste buds in the immediate future.

In a recent release, republished by Ele Ludemann on Homepaddock, NZTE explained the consumer insights driving the campaign and how it showcases the underlying values that set New Zealand food and beverage apart on the world stage.

“There’s never been a better time to leverage the positive global sentiment being felt towards New Zealand and to raise the international profile of the New Zealand brand in key markets, in a time when we can’t visit our key markets, and they can’t visit us,” says Pete Chrisp, NZTE’s Chief Executive.

According to NZTE 46% of all goods and services exports in the past year were food and beverage, making the industry is a key player in New Zealand’s economy with a combined revenue of $71.7 billion in 2018/19. Food and beverage exports currently reach more than 140 countries, with the top three export markets as of 2018 being China ($6.14 billion), Australia ($2.56 billion) and the United States ($2.53 billion).

The campaign tells the New Zealand food and beverage story with emphasis on a few distinct values and principles that set it apart. These include the principle of Taiao (the interconnectedness of our people and the natural world), and the values of Kaitiakitanga (guardians, caring for people, place and planet, now and for future generations), Manaakitanga (caring for others and showing hospitality, kindness, generosity, support and respect) and Ingenuity (challenging the status quo with original and bold solutions).

“Made with Care” is part of the wider “Messages from New Zealand” country brand campaign currently underway that’s promoting brand New Zealand across the globe. The broader campaign is a collaborative effort between Tourism New Zealand, NZTE, Ministry for Primary Industries, Education New Zealand and New Zealand Story.

Original article by Ele Ludemann on Homepaddock, 27 October 2020.

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