Life on Scott Base Shared via TikTok

As part of the Guardian series ‘Life on the edge’, Scott Base redevelopment manager Matthew Jordan talks to Eva Corlett about what it’s like to live inside New Zealand’s Antarctica headquarters.

“My work is supporting the Scott Base redevelopment project – it is the largest project Antarctica New Zealand has ever undertaken,” Jordan says.

“I thought the weather was going to be brutal all the time – I didn’t think there would be days where I could walk out in a T-shirt and a hoodie. In summer, the strangest thing to get used to is the 24 hours of sun.

“I started a TikTok account in November, which has become a really good platform for me to spread the message about the work and the science that Antarctica New Zealand supports.”

Original article by Matthew Jordan and Eva Corlett, The Guardian, January 3, 2023.

Photo by Hugh Broughton.

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