James Shaw on Our Economic Climate Post-COVID-19

Cheap, renewable electricity is one way of reviving economies and preserving New Zealand’s natural environment, Climate Change Minister and co-leader of the Green Party James Shaw argues in an opinion piece for The Guardian.

Shaw has asked the country’s independent Climate Change Commission to check whether its emissions targets under the Paris Agreement are enough to limit global heating to 1.5C. He explains why he’s prioritising the issue during a strict national lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, which could send New Zealand’s unemployment rate soaring.

“To say that we find ourselves in an unprecedented moment is so obvious and has been so often repeated it’s almost become white noise. What is less obvious, however, is where we go from here,” Shaw ventures for The Guardian.

“It is time for governments, regions, and cities around the world to mobilise and deploy resources to tackle the climate crisis at the same time as rebuilding their economies, all whilst creating high value green jobs.

“This is indeed an unprecedented moment. What we do with it will determine the quality of life for billions of people – not just for the next few months or years, but for the generations to come.”

Original article by James Shaw, The Guardian, April 23, 2020.

Photo by Diego Catto.

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