Hungry Lion Fascinates Toddler

A video of three-year-old Sofia Walker coming face to face with Wellington Zoo’s lion, Malik, has captivated international news media. The Daily Mail described her encounter: “Brave Sofia Walker refuses to back down and instead stares intently at the furious big cat just inches away. Fortunately for Sofia, a thick pane of [33mm] safety glass stood between her and the seven-year-old lion so incensed by her gall. At one point, the fascinated little girl turns to her parents and asks, ‘What’s he telling me?’ Then, once more unable to hold in his frustration, Malik pounced for a second time, wildly swiping his front paws against the glass as he stood on his hind legs. Sofia’s father said: ‘She’s always had this quiet confidence with animals, but she’s certainly more confident with a lion than I would be, that’s for sure.’

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