Hidden New Zealand Gem

“The Catlins region of New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets” and “has such variety, including stunning waterfalls, amazing wildlife and beautiful beaches”, writes Nicola Barnard for The Huffington Post. In her article Barnard recommends eight things to do in this area.

  1. Head to the petrified forest in Curio Bay to see yellow-eyed penguins “come ashore and waddle across the beach to nest.”
  2. Visit the Cathedral Caves – “the walk that takes you to the caves down through the forest and along the beach is beautiful,” according to the article.
  3. Visit Slope Point – the most southern point on mainland New Zealand and enjoy the beautiful scenery. “Don’t forget to check out the famous windswept trees on the drive out here”, writes Barnard.
  4. For great photos head to Purakaunui Falls. “The three-tiered waterfall is simply stunning,” according to Barnard.
  5. Head to Porpoise Bay in summer or autumn to see hector dolphins, the world’s smallest and rarest of dolphins.

To read all of Barnard’s recommendations please click here.

Article Source: Huffington Post, Nicola Barnard, October 17, 2016

Image Source: Wikipedia

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  • Gaye - 8:06 pm on October 31st, 2016
    I think the term 'hidden gem' has become overused. As someone who used to ride her horse up to the Nugget Point lighthouse in the pictures when there was grass up the middle of the road and seldom met another person on the road the term then would have been apt. Nowadays the Campervans are bumper to bumper through the summer and who stay in the area are covered in road dust allday and unfortunately many are using one particular scenic spot to empty their Campervan toilets. There must be a messaging service as there are just too many people doing it in the same place to be a coincidence and overlooking a beach fgs!. There are still beaches and rocky shores unspoilt and where this is not occurring but the Nugget Point Road unfortunately is not its once pristine self. The road is soon to be sealed to the lighthouse and the now expanded parking lot will not cope with the volume - it doesn't now. I wish it was a little more hidden than it is now.
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