Healing Mind, Body and Soul at Mahu Whenua

Ridgeline Homestead and Eco Sanctuary Mahu Whenua near Wanaka “is one of the newer members of the Luxury Lodges of New Zealand.” Avi Melniker describes his experience of visiting the boutique luxury accommodation in an article for Vacations & Travel.

“Simply put, it feels like home, or rather what home would feel like if you were a multi-millionaire who decided to build your rustic palace atop the picturesque and delightfully private mountain ranges of Lake Wanaka amid 55,000 ha of protected land,” writes Melniker.

“Mahu Whenua quite literally means ‘healing the land’ and that is exactly what the owners are doing here, helping to regenerate and restore this previously over-farmed land combining four sheep stations through both extensive plant regeneration and native bird-breeding programs.”

The property is ideal for lovers of the outdoors and “there is ample choice, with hiking trails, horse riding, mountain biking and yoga,” writes Melniker.  “There are also conservation tours to learn about the native plant and bird projects under way and sustainable farming practices being undertaken on the property.”

“The healing is not just happening to the land, as by the time I leave, I feel Mahu Whenua has worked its magic on me as well, on mind, body and soul.”

Article Source: Vacations & Travel, Avi Melniker, September 21, 2018

Image Source: Facebook – Mahu Whenua

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