Goodbye on the Ganga

Auckland yoga instructor Karla Brodie bid farewell to her husband Mitchell Samuels on the Ganga River, Varanasi in what The Times of India described as a “poignant meeting of the East and the West” and a “definitely rare” sight. Dressed in a white sari with a rudraksha mala around her neck and sandalwood paste on her forehead, Brodie performed rituals before immersing her husband’s ashes in the Ganga. “I have deep faith in Indian culture. That’s what made me come here,” Brodie said. Karla started practising the craft in 1994 and has taught hatha yoga since 2000. Samuels was also a yoga trainer.

Mitchell Samuels: dies 2009

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New Zealanders Overseas Talk Being Behind Borders

New Zealanders Overseas Talk Being Behind Borders

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