For a Worthy Cause

New Zealand-born actress, director and producer Anna Wilding has launched a new charity that aims to fill an overlooked gap in the charity and not-for-profit marketplace. The Wilding Foundation awards scholarships to those of exceptional ability and prowess in sports, arts, humanities, health, medicine and environmental activities, who may not otherwise have the financial means and/or knowledge at hand to further their potential. The first scholarship is in honor of one of the world’s greatest tennis players and Anna’s great uncle — the Anthony Wilding Scholarship for prowess in sports. Anthony Wilding was a legendary tennis player who, among other things won Wimbledon a total of ten times prior to World War I. Anna Wilding, a supporter of humanitarian and environmental issues as well as a gifted filmmaker, has personally experienced what it is like to miss out — of not being able to pursue a chosen direction due to financial factors. Ms Wilding, tipped to go to Wimbledon and join the professional circuit herself as a youngster could not afford the required training overseas. She hopes that this charity will help bridge a gap for those impoverished who display talent and cannot afford the training, travel, study or equipment.

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