Finnian Galbraith’s Hit Te Reo Pronunciation Video

Raumati College pupil Finnian Galbraith’s YouTube video complaining about poor pronunciation of Maori words has proved a hit online, with more than 160,386 views.

Galbraith, 15, says in his YouTube video that many people in New Zealand have stopped making the effort to say Maori words and names properly, which is disrespectful and means the “beautiful” Maori culture could eventually be lost.

In his video, made in a filmmaking class at his school in Paraparaumu, Galbraith says that every day on television and on the radio “so many of us are pronouncing Maori names and words completely wrong”, because of a lack of effort.

Culture is “priceless and something that should be embraced, and something we as a country should be proud of”.

Galbraith told the BBC he believes more needs to be done encourage use of the Maori language.

“Only 4 per cent of people in New Zealand speak Maori fluently and that number needs to grow,” he said.

Original article by BBC, July 22, 2015.

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