Edge Connection for Leading Scientist

Pioneering archaeologist Lady Aileen Fox has died aged 98. Born and educated in England, Lady Fox held a visiting lectureship at Auckland University from 1972 to 1983. She conducted excavations at Tiromoana Pa (where she noted similarities with the hill forts of southern Britain, her area of expertise), carried out field survey work with students and became closely involved with the archaeological committee of the Historic Places Trust. She was also a key figure in the establishment of the New Zealand Journal of Archaeology.

Aileen Fox: July 29 1907 – November 21 2005

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Aves Appreciation Rubs off on Sydney Writer

Aves Appreciation Rubs off on Sydney Writer

It seems like “every single” New Zealander has some kind of “bird madness”, and Sydney writer Rebecca Shaw has now determined that she too is “infected”, “and loving it”. Shaw reports…