Cool Kiwis: Why It’s Suddenly Not on the Edge of the World

The Edge metaphor permeates Timemagazine’s 50-page rave on NZ. ‘NZ Journeys’ takes an in-depth look at our designers, scientists, exporters, film industry, Maori language revival, musicians, and winemakers, in a bid to discover “what makes NZ one of the world’s edgiest countries.” The verdict? “NZ is in the vanguard of a dynamic world – its human diversity, open spaces, wit, flexibility and sheer tenacity have taken a rugged, isolated country and positioned it on the cutting edge of adventure, knowledge and creativity … its talented tall poppies [are] fast, savvy – and so hot, they’re redefining cool.” Edge co-founder, Brian Sweeney, is quoted in a feature on NZ design: “New forms of life emerge on the margins, away from the deadening effects of the centre. The excitement is on the wing, not in the scrum.”

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