“Ferocious Gander” deters Norsewood Meter Reader

The small New Zealand town of Norsewood is better known for it’s wool wear and affinity for trolls. But the small town, whose populations barely scrapes above 300, is making international news for reports that a large male goose is preventing one resident from receiving her power bill.

Though this might commonly be a reflect for many, when house owner, Lyn McConchie did not receive her monthly bill she contacted the power company, who told her they were “unable to access her property”due to a “ferocious gander” blocking the readers access.

McConchie confirmed that she owned the gander, a larger male goose, and which she kept to keep guard of her property. The bird has also been known to bite late-night prowlers. Given the the birds pencent for biting the meter reader opted to not take on the goose, preferring to return when McConchie was home.

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