Dolphins Protect Swimmer from Great White

A pod of New Zealand dolphins has protected a British swimmer from a Great White Shark during a crossing of Cook Strait to raise money for charity. A video of the encounter on YouTube shows the dolphins circling the swimmer and has now received over four million views.

Adam Walker is part of the Ocean’s Seven team, a group of open sea swimmers completing seven crossings to raise money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group.

While half way through the nearly 27km journey across Cook Strait, Adam looked down to see a Great White directly underneath him.

Soon after, a pod of 10 dolphins surrounded Adam and stayed him with for an hour until the shark departed to less protected waters.

“I’d like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home,” Walker wrote on his Facebook page.

Walker completes his Ocean Seven challenge with a crossing of the North Channel, separating Northern Ireland from Scotland.

Original article by Sarah Wolfe for The Global Post 

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  • Nicholas - 8:42 pm on May 5th, 2014
    Such awesome majestic creatures, very intelligent, it's such a shame so many still die by the hand of man. Anyone who has been in close contact with a dolfin knows the amazing connection they feel via a sense seemingly lost.
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