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New Zealand Embassy France Phone Numbers
French telephone numbers are 10 digits. If calling from outside France, dial +33 and drop the first 0 from the phone number (e.g. +33 1 4501 4343).Embassy main number
Tel: 01 4501 4343
Fax: 01 4501 4344


Kea France Kea is a global networking organisation aimed at establishing international links with the large number of Kiwis who can be found working in a range of industries. Website:


L’ Association France-Nouvelle Zélande Website:
Telephone & Fax :


Facebook A social and networking group for New Zealanders who have lived, are living or will be living in France to get together and stay informed about all Kiwi related events going on in France, including meet up evenings, sports events, New Zealand concerts, France NZ Association events etc. Welcomes French people and others with a strong NZ connection that want to keep in touch with New Zelanders in France.Website:


Australian NZ Shop Website: