Tash Pericic Takes 10 in New Croatia Eco Push

New Zealander Tash Pericic, who lives in Split, Croatia, is the founder of the TAKE 10 initiative – whereby when you are out for a walk, you take 10 pieces of rubbish, or take 10 minutes to clean up an area, take a photo and post it to the TAKE 10 Facebook page. Pericic believes that it is the small daily actions of many, that can create real change.

“Croatia is a beautiful country; it stole my heart the moment I first stepped off the ferry,” Pericic says. “The nature here is incredible, so it breaks my heart when I see rubbish lying around, especially if it gets into the sea.

“There are already so many great initiatives, local organisations and environmental activists who are already doing their part here, which is amazing and I want to make it clear that I by no means think I have started a completely new concept; but I truly believe real change will only come when it is in the awareness of the masses. Which is exactly why I started this simple initiative. It is a small act that anybody and everybody can do, when multiplied by many over time, it can and will have a huge impact.

“Since starting this movement, I have received posts from Split and surrounding Dalmatian islands and the page has also received international posts from New Zealand, Australia, Malta, Canada, Italy and I am in contact with an international charter agent who wants to launch this in the Caribbean along with supporting me to create some more ‘green’ movements here, particularly in the yachting industry.”

Pericic is originally from Milton.

Original article by Tash Pericic, Total Croatia News, May 28, 2016.

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