Caravan Co-Founder Miles Kirby on Business in Food

Miles Kirby, New Zealand-born co-founder of restaurant and coffee-roaster Caravan, oversees a growing five-strong group in London. Kirby spoke with British daily news site BigHospitality about how he made it to the top of the business.

Kirby tells the site what he wishes he’d been told when he started his career.

“Not everyone will understand the commitment and sacrifice you make as a young chef. You need to organise yourself, set goals, map out a path to success and remember to make time for family.

“[I’m] motivated by working closely with people and sharing genuine hospitality. I get a real kick out of seeing people succeed and helping them achieve their goals.

“Al Brown, Mike Whitfield, Arthur Pots-Dawson, Peter Gordon and Matt Burgess [are] incredible kitchen leaders and people from my past and present who have individually and collectively shaped who I am – both in the kitchen and beyond.

“[My advice to those looking to climb the rungs in the business would be to] only work with ‘A’ players, take your time, don’t try to run before you can walk, give it everything you’ve got and have fun.”

Kirby co-founded Caravan in 2010 with fellow New Zealanders Chris Ammermann and Laura Harper-Hinton.

Article Source: Joe Lutrario, BigHospitality, April 5, 2019

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