Role Model Farah Khan Serves Legal Advice

Fijian-born lawyer Farah Khan, 34, who is based in Auckland, has found her niche in life, Shahani Mala reports for the Fiji Sun. After spending 11 years dealing with the legal affairs of the migrant community she realised that there was a great deal of basic legal understanding lacking in this group.

Identifying this as a social issue she has now embarked on a journey to bridge that gap and educate the community.

Four months ago, Khan set up a Facebook page, FARAH, which allows people to ask legal questions and obtain guidance for their issues. The page has over 30,000 followers.

“I wish to empower people to understand and embrace their identity but also to understand their rights and obligations as a New Zealander,” Khan explains.

“I am currently producing three to five minute videos on particular legal issues which are uploaded to my Facebook page and to YouTube fortnightly and am in the process of organising a legal radio show once a week that would discuss certain legal issues but have a live talkback for people to ask questions.

“Radio Tarana, the leading Indian radio [station] in New Zealand [has] shown a keen interest to back my vision of community education.”

In 2015, Khan was appointed the youngest notary public in New Zealand by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Original article by Shahani Mala, Fiji Sun Online, March 20, 2017.

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