New Zealand Speak Clarified

Australians are carrying around a dark secret according to the Australian’s Ben Groundwater, and that is that they actually like New Zealanders. And Groundwater, “at least, kinda loves them.”

“Forget the forced sibling rivalry, most Kiwis are open, friendly, genuine people who’ll always go out of their way to help you, particularly when you’re a guest in their fine land. From driving directions to drinking buddies, there’s usually someone on hand to assist.

“Only trouble is, you can’t really understand what they’re saying.”

“In the interest of Trans-Tasman relationships, of making New Zealand-born friends and knowing what they’re on about the whole time,” Groundwater provides future mates a guide to our slang, including definitions and pronunciation methods for bach, chilly bin, Tiki tour and wop-wops, where in New Zealand says Groundwater, “this could count for pretty much anything outside of Auckland.”

Original article by Ben Groundwater, The Sydney Morning Herald, March 25, 2014.

Photo by Getty Images.

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