Monocle Explores the Length and Breadth of NZ

From the gently bustling streets of Auckland to the highest and most isolated peaks of the South Island, in this month’s Monocle regional survey, the magazine has explored the length and breadth of New Zealand to discover everything that this extraordinary country has to offer.

“New Zealand is undergoing something of a transformation,” the publication begins. “With Auckland’s population set to reach 2 million in the next 15 years, the country now possesses a genuinely international city. On the business side, digital connectivity has brought about a shift in mentality: whereas before New Zealand’s relative isolation was a constraint, now entrepreneurs can launch anywhere in the world. At the same time, a move in the market towards local and authentic – whether that means the food you eat or the clothes you buy – has galvanised neighbourhood businesses.

“We take a look at the fastest growing and fastest-changing city in New Zealand: Auckland. The city has long been the country’s commercial capital but in recent years it’s drawn in professionals from all across the globe, all looking for innovative ideas, an urban buzz and a high standard of living.”

Continuing across the regions and beginning with business and industry, Monocle says: “New Zealand’s entrepreneurs are using the nation’s can-do frontier spirit as a launch pad for creative ideas.” It includes profiles on Wellington’s Six Barrel Soda, Auckland foreign exchange service KlickEx, Dunedin’s McKinlay’s Footwear and one of the country’s current most successful businesses, Auckland-based software company Xero.

“New Zealand is known around the world for being clean, green and eco-friendly. Not only does this encourage tourists hungry for the great outdoors, it is also a boon to the export industry because foreigners know to trust Kiwi products.” In the sustainability and conservation section, Monocle includes Auckland’s Sustainable Coastlines, Raglan eco-retreat Solscape and interviews leading New Zealand environmentalist, Rob Fenwick.

“New Zealand’s talent has hit new heights by innovating in the face of adversity and honouring country’s heritage. It sometimes seems that in New Zealand if you’re not a chef or a barista, chances are you’re a designer or an architect. There is such an enormous pool of incredibly talented and creative people working in this field that they are putting New Zealand on the map as a world design destination.” Monocle covers Auckland’s Herbst Architects and practice Stevens Lawson, acclaimed Hawkes Bay designer David Trubridge, Wellington’s ceramic cup manufacturers Acme & Co and Tauranga-based design studio YS Collective.

Original article by Monocle, October 2014.

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