Marmageddon Strikes

This month, the manufacturer of Marmite says its supplies of the yeast-extract product ran out, four months after earthquakes forced it to close the only factory that made New Zealand’s version. “Don’t freak. We will be back soon,” Sanitarium says on the Marmite website. But there are signs of freaking in this country of 4.4 million people, which eats its way through 640 metric tons of the savory spread every year. “People have grown up with Marmite. It’s an iconic New Zealand brand,” Sanitarium’s general manager Pierre van Heerden said. He’s advising people to use their remainin supplies sparingly: for instance, by spreading Marmite on warm toast, so that it goes further, or on just one side of the bread in double sandwiches. New Zealand came up with its version of Marmite in 1919, which differs in taste significantly from the English version.


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