Journalist Laura Pitcher Chooses NY Over NZ

Friends and strangers told writer, editor, and designer Laura Pitcher she was “crazy” to leave New Zealand after a four-month visit “home” to return to the United States during the pandemic. But the New Zealander had built a life in the Big Apple and in an opinion piece for The Independent she explains she “wasn’t willing to give that up”.

“New Zealand proved to be one of the safest countries to be during the coronavirus pandemic. Its ocean borders and strong leadership meant it made the 100-day mark of being COVID-19 free before a small cluster of domestic cases were identified recently,” Pitcher writes for the UK newspaper.

“I’m aware that having options for countries to live in during this time is an immense privilege. Yet staying would have compromised my career, relationships, and mental health – all because the country offers more physical safety.

“In a time that can feel hopeless, I take solace in my decision to return to a life that I’ve built, in a place that fills me with the tiniest slither of optimism. After all, for many living overseas, the safest place to weather a storm can simply be the place that makes you feel like it’s a storm worth weathering.”

Pitcher is a graduate of Massey University and Edinburgh Napier University, where she completed her master’s degree in journalism.

Original article by Laura Pitcher, The Independent, August 19, 2020.

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