How To Dad Shows Parents How to Get Out the Door With Kids In The Morning

“When you have young children in tow, getting fed, dressed and on the road in the morning can be hard,” writes Josh Hanrahen for the Daily Mail.

Daddy blogger How To Dad has released a new parenting tutorial video that shows how to get ready quickly in the morning.

In the video the Kiwi dad and his daughter Alba get up at 6.30 am with the goal to get ready and leave the house within 15 minutes.

Things start off promisingly, according to the article. However, the Kiwi dad quickly learns that it’s not as simple as he thought.

After getting his daughter ready, cleaning the house and overcoming breakfast problems, the father cannot find his keys. And when the pair is finally ready to go they are running two hours late.

How to Dad Jordan Watson is known for his funny D.I.Y parenting advice.

Article Source: Daily Mail, Josh Hanrahen, August 2, 2016

Image Source: Youtube

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