On a virtual garden stroll

West Melton gardener Mary, “aka ‘Moosey'”, is mentioned in The Seattle Times in an article recommending her virtual garden tour. The publication writes: “A woman whose children call her ‘Moosey’ has created an easy-to-follow Web site that helps move you through her New Zealand country garden. It also contains helpful sections about flower shows, containers, flower bulbs and more.” “Travel is a great way to top off an education, especially for gardeners, who can pick up landscape and planting ideas and advice by seeing others’ gardens. But they don’t have to leave home to do it. Virtual garden tours on the computer show actual gardens through video or still images, music, narration and text. About the only thing missing is the scent of the flowers as they scroll by.” Moosey’s Country Garden site was originally launched in 1999.

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