Islanders Adam and Cathra Kelliher Seek Visionary

The owners of Taransay in Scotland’s Western Isles, New Zealand-born former war correspondent Adam Kelliher and his Scottish wife Cathra, are looking for a partner to carry forward a nature restoration project, while also reviving its cultural heritage, encompassing sustainable eco-tourism and community benefit, Peter Walker writes for Insider.

Britain’s largest uninhabited island was used in 2000 as the location for the year-long BBC series Castaway. 

Savills is now offering the opportunity, on behalf of the Kellihers – who  purchased Taransay in June 2011 – to restore Taransay’s biodiversity and social history, while leaving a light carbon footprint.

Lucy Stanfield-Jenner, Savills’ head of natural capital in Scotland, said: “This opportunity would suit a visionary partner who is passionate about supporting the Kellihers towards creating a genuinely unique nature restoration project on Britain’s largest uninhabited island, whilst ensuring social inclusion and celebrating the island’s geological, archaeological, historical and cultural heritage.”

Original article by Peter Walker, Insider, July 28, 2023.

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