Heart Kids: Saving Babies’ Lives

(Sponsored Content) “Heart Kids, the only charity supporting children suffering from congenital heart defects, is teaming up with dairy company Yashili to help the lives of many of the 12 babies born each week with a heart condition,” as reported in an official statement.

“With Yashili’s support, the charity is raising awareness about babies with heart conditions during Heart Kids Awareness Month this August.” Heart Kids is also advocating for the introduction of a life-saving early-intervention diagnostic tool.

“Early intervention is the key.  The Pulse Oximetry test will quickly and painlessly establish whether new-borns have a life-threatening heart defect and we will save lives as a consequence,” said Rob Lutter, service expansion chief executive.

“Sarah Macmillan, whose son Bowie had significant heart defects undetected at birth, said her family would have been saved heartache, stress and tears if the test” had existed when her son was born last year.

“It was four weeks before doctors at Starship Hospital discovered Bowie was a Tet baby – Acyanotic Tetrology of Fallot – a heart condition made worse by a major 6mm hole, which required open-heart surgery,” she said.

“There are thousands of families out there with babies similar to Bowie and I just know this test, if introduced, will make a real life-saving difference.”

Lutter said the importance of the expansion of Heart Kids’ family support programme was also critical and that Yashili’s support would enable the charity to deliver services all across the country, particularly areas like Northland, East Cape and Taranaki.

“We want to get Heart Kids people into every home where there is a child living with a heart defect,” he said.

Yashili New Zealand donates $1 for every can of Yashili “Super α Golden Stage” formula sold in New Zealand supermarkets.

“Support for families with heart children is critical to their survival and good health and I’m so proud to be involved in this great initiative,” said William Zhao, Yashili NZ general manager.

“We’re also doing our best to promote Heart Kids Awareness Month in August because raising public awareness is one of the key tools to ensuring kids with congenital heart defects receive full support,” he said.

“I can’t think of more important work than helping make a difference to the survival of children.”

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