Yumi Zouma’s Latest Is Album of the Week

Earlier this month, the New Zealand band Yumi Zouma “who splits their time between Wellington, London and New York, unleashed their third full length album Truth Or Consequences, into the world”, Poppy Reid writes for Australian music news site, Tone Deaf.

“Yumi Zouma self-produced the LP with the accomplished Jake Aron (Solange, Grizzly Bear, Snail Mail) as their sound engineer,” Reid reports.

“Yumi Zouma are now experts at hiding heartbreaking lyrics within delicious synth-pop, layered vibey disco beats and infectious choruses.

“Whilst Yumi Zouma have come together from around the globe: New York City (Josh Burgess – guitar, vocals), London (Charlie Ryder – guitar, bass, keys), Christchurch (Christie Simpson – vocals, keys), the band and this record is quintessentially New Zealand. It aims high and hits every ambition, all with the kind of sonic elegance we’ve come to expect from our Kiwis across the pond.”

Yumi Zouma formed in 2014.

Original article by Poppy Reid, Tone Deaf, March 17, 2020.

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