World’s Newest Cat Cafe

The world’s latest cat café has opened in Auckland. At BaristaCats café on Queen Street cat lovers can enjoy a hot drink and a cuddle with the café’s resident cats for only NZ$15 cat lovers.

“New Zealand has a really high pet ownership rate but more and more we’ve got these urban cities where we’re not building them for pet ownership,” said Julia Whitehead, founder of BaristaCats as reported on 3News.

“People are in apartments, [or] they’re renting, or they’re just staying in the city for a year or two, so they don’t get that type of love and we want to give it to them.”

“Sometimes you have a really hard day and what you need is a little bit of fluff,” said Whitehead.

The owner takes pride in the “cosy ‘catmosphere’” at the café that houses little furry characters like Lady Molly Snuggleton as well as a dozen other cats.

Article Source: Irish Independent, Geraldine Gittens, December 2, 2015

Image Source: Facebook – BaristaCats

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