UFC Superstar Israel Adesanya Makes It Look Easy

UFC 4 video game cover star Nigerian-New Zealander Israel Adesanya, 31, tweets “what EA curse?” after emphatic victory over Paulo Costa on Fight Island, Andrew Whitelaw writes in his South China Morning Post column, ‘The Takedown’.

“There is a playful narrative that’s been floating around the gaming community since the nineties. It’s known as the ‘EA curse’. Electronic Arts is responsible for several iconic sports games ranging from Fifa to Madden NFL and of course, the UFC games,” Whitelaw reports.

“That would not be the case for Israel Adesanya who broke the supposed curse in some style at UFC 253. It’s no surprise ‘The Last Stylebender’ (20-0) broke the mould – he’s been doing that since the day he arrived in the UFC.

“With more than 100 professional fights under his belt, [Adesanya] took ‘The Eraser’ to pieces.

“Adesanya made it look easy, just as he said he would. He was just too slick. His command of space and distance was masterful. A world champion kick-boxer before transitioning to MMA, Adesanya is an expert at getting a read on his opponents.”

Original article by Andrew Whitelaw, South China Morning Post, September 28, 2020.

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