Quarter Acre Brings NZ-Inspired Dining to Dallas

“When word spread that Toby Archibald, a chef who’d formerly worked at Bullion and Georgie by Curtis Stone, would be opening a restaurant inspired by his New Zealand heritage, I wondered what that might mean. What does New Zealand cuisine look like, and how does that country’s style translate when its food is served in flat, sunny Texas?” D Magazine’s Brian Reinhart asks.

Quarter Acre opened 30 December, and I couldn’t resist visiting in its first week to learn more. This is a first bite, not a formal review; we’ll have that in the spring or summer. But for now, here’s the important news: there’s no other restaurant in Dallas quite like Quarter Acre. This is already a distinctive, interesting place with its own point of view,” Reinhart writes.

“‘I looked around the city and thought, what can I bring?’ Archibald says. ‘I’m from New Zealand. Play the cards you’re dealt. I like to cook slightly differently, so why not? I think it would just be silly of me to open something that was already here. That’s not who I am. I’m not from here. We want to be a little bit different.’”

Original article by Brian Reinhart, D Magazine, January 5, 2023.

Photo by Emily Loving.

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