NZ Rolls Out ESTA-Style Visa Waiver for Visitors

“Most international travellers visiting New Zealand will soon be required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) which, while functioning as a US ESTA-style visa waiver rather than a visa per se, will all the same be mandatory before entering the country.” Chris Chamberlin reports in an article for Australian Business Traveller.

“The New Zealand ETA will be necessary for visa-free entry to New Zealand as of October 1 2019, with applications open from July 1 2019.”

“Australian citizens travelling to New Zealand on an Australian passport will be exempt from the ETA requirement.”

“Most travellers applying for an ETA will also need to pay the Government’s new International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy as part of the process, although that additional cost will be waived for Australian permanent residents.”

“The New Zealand ETA will be valid for two years or until the traveller’s passport expires, whichever comes first.”

“A single ETA covers multiple entries into New Zealand for business or tourism – you don’t need to reapply with every journey, or separately for holidays and business trips – although passengers in international transit will still require an ETA, even if they don’t cross the border into NZ.”

“Separately, the country’s new International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) sits at NZ$35 and will be collected at the same time at the ETA charge, bringing the total cost of obtaining visa-free travel authorisation to NZ$44 via the mobile app, or NZ$47 online.”

As travellers visiting New Zealand under visa-waiver arrangements don’t apply for a pre-arranged visa, the New Zealand Government only learns of their identity “once they are en route to New Zealand,” says Immigration New Zealand.

“As for the pricier International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment shares that it ‘ensures our international visitors contribute to the infrastructure they use and help protect the natural environment they enjoy’.”

Article Source: Australian Business Traveller, Chris Chamberlin, March 26, 2019
Image Source: Pixabay

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