NZ Artist Spray-Paints Steven Adams Mural in Downtown Oklahoma City

Famed New Zealand graphic artist Graham Hoete, known as Mr G, has spray-painted a huge mural of fellow New Zealander Steven on Film Row in downtown Oklahoma City on the side of The Paramount building at 701 W. Sheridan Ave., as reported in News OK.

Hoete set “off for the United States to spray-paint a tribute piece in Minneapolis for Prince. He also plans to produce one of Muhammad Ali in Louisville.”

“I thought well, man, I’m going to the U.S. and he’s just the man in New Zealand,” said Hoete.

“Their whole family, bro, is huge inspirations. Role models. I thought man I gotta get to Oklahoma. Just to show some love, bro. I can’t go to the U.S. and not do one of the bro.”

“I don’t think people understand the impact he’s had on young people in terms of presenting a positive role model. I know it sounds cliché but it’s a reality. It can be a life-changer for some of these young dudes,” said Hoete.

Like many New Zealanders, the Kiwi artist spent the NBA playoffs far more invested than he’s ever been. Steven Adams fame exploded in his home country and Thunder fans were sprouting up all over New Zealand in a show of appreciation for Adams.

Article Source: News Ok, Anthony Slater, June 13, 2016

Image Source: Twitter – Believe the Hype

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