New Zealand Blue Spring

“Nestled in a lush green valley of ferns is a spring with water so clear it turns a brilliant blue colour” lies New Zealand’s blue spring, writes Leith Huffadine for The Daily Mail. Because of its purity, about 70 per cent of New Zealand’s bottled water comes from the spring.

Located in the Waikato region of New Zealand’s North Island the spring is fed by fed by water from the Mamaku Plateau which stays at about 11 degrees year-round.

According to the article “those wishing to visit the spring will have to work for it – it’s only accessible via a walking track with two starting points, with walks of either 4.7km from one entrance, or a shorter, 30 minute hike from the other.”

“The crystal-clear water of Blue Spring, New Zealand, flows out of the ground after taking as long as 100 years to filter up through the ground.”

Article Source: Daily Mail, Leith Huffadine, May 8, 2016

Image Source: Youtube

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