Lucy Tupu And Max Gimblett Collaborate To Create Beauty At Your Feet

“With her Polynesian heritage and love for all things bright and bold, coupled with Max’s artistic talent Lucy Tupu has just launched her first collaboration.”

“Drawn to Max’s colorful paintings and deep roots in the NZ/NYC art scene, Lucy approached his studio in order to create a collection of rugs inspired by his artwork; namely his lesser known inks on paper. The goal was to transform his iconic works into textural pieces”.

“Max paints with the mantra ‘all mind no mind’. A mere deep brush and a mark on paper and his work comes together in an instant. It takes many months to create a hand-knotted rug; this itself gives a new meaning to the artwork, creating a piece that is intrinsically Max yet incorporating an art form that relies on patience and time.”

On her website Tupu writes: “The way you interact with art is different to interacting with a rug. One you can touch, one you ponder, one you can customize, the other has captured a moment in time, a fleeting thought that will never be recreated. We have designed a collection that brings a moment in time into your home, to be enjoyed for a lifetime.”

Article Source: New Zealand Newsletter, Geoff Andrews, September 2018
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